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We help people make great wooden toys by supplying full size patterns

and plans which are easy to follow even if you have never made toys before.


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Bi-Plane Rocker

Bi-plane rocker wooden toy plan and pattern

For little ones. They use this as a rocker from 18mths or so. As they get bigger, off comes the plane and it can be ridden on and wheeled around.

$25 USD


Sand Pit Digger

Great fun in any sandpit, this digger easily swivels around has a great reach and lift. It can easily load our Old Pick Up or the Semi Tipper.

$25 USD


Toy Clothes Line

Wooden toy clothes line plan and pattern

It swivels and the top comes off for easy storage. I sold many to people in Units, not just for the children to play with. Uses a single string tied only once so easy to tension.

$9 USD








Simple Racing Car

Entry level motor racing at its best, easy and quick to make, the team is sure to win. Make a few for the kids to race.

$9 USD


Pull Along Dog

Wooden Toy Pull along dog

Whether out walking on grass or concrete this lovely little pup won't falter or stray.

$12 USD


Pull Along Train

Wooden toy Pull Along Train

The joy of days gone by comes to life again in the imagination of the little kids. You will probably hear the hiss of steam while you are making our lovely train. As the children grow, off comes the string and you can add more carriages.

$19 USD




Barbie Dolls House

Barbie dolls house plan and pattern

Barbie finds this house has plenty of room to stand up, walk around and lay down on her bed. She can walk up the stairs between the two levels without hitting her head. She is often seen enjoying a cool drink on the verandah.

$25 USD


Ironing Board & Iron

Toy Ironing board and iron plan and pattern

This practical ironing board folds up for easy storage, however we have designed in a safety mechanism so it wont collapse while being used.

$17 USD


Dolls Rocking Cradle

Dolls Rocking cradle plan


This delightful little cradle with the heart in the top can be easily stored when not being used to rock the dolls and bears to sleep.

$17 USD




Dolls RockingCradle on Stand

Traditional Wooden Dolls Cradle on a stand

For the bigger kids this wooden rocking cradle on a stand will bring hours of joy to your little mother. This traditional design allows for netting to fall down over baby doll.

$20 USD


Dolls High Chair

This lovely wooden High Chair will enable your little mum to safely feed her dolls. It stands 2ft high click on details for a larger picture.

$19 USD


Toy Stove

This toy stove standing 26in (660ml) high has two removable shelves and sits the same level as our other furniture ie sink and kitchen hutch making a lovely kitchen corner.







Toy Sink Unit

This Toy sink unit stands 26in (660ml) high and matches nicely with the stove and kitchen hutch. It has one fixed shelf.

$19 USD


Toy Kitchen Hutch

This lovely Kitchen hutch stands 26in (660ml) to the cupboard top and is 48in(1220mm) high.

$19 USD


Toy Fridge

Wooden Toy Fridge

This toy fridge stands 36in (915mm) high. These were originally made to order for a childcare centre.

$19 USD





Childrens Table & Chairs

These table and chairs will  last a long time and are very safe as they do not have legs which can break.

$22 USD



Wooden Childrens Wheelbarrow

This sturdy wheelbarrow is 30in (76cm) long and will weather many years in the garden duties.

$ 20 USD






This toy garage has a garden at the side pumps and roof parking. it is suitable for matchbox cars.

$20 USD






What you get:

  • Full size wooden toy patterns on 160gsm board for you to trace out the shapes plus detailed step by step instructions on how cut out, prepare the pieces and put together your great wooden toy. (For some of the larger furniture pieces we supply measurements rather than traceable patterns, this keeps your weight therefore your postage cost lower).

  • Wooden toy plans and patterns are easy to follow with diagrams and photos .

  • These Genuine 'Children Tuff' wooden toys are made from wood, screwed and glued no nails.

  • When possible Enjoy Making Wooden Toy plans give shortcuts or easy options so you can choose. Example: Paint on steps rather than cut in.

  • All plans come with a detailed material list. Most people find they have most of the timber to make them already as off-cuts from larger projects in their workshop



Car Trailer Pattern for the sides showing placement of ramps and floor. This is in full size so it can be cut out and traced onto timber.

Some of the construction plans

for the Prime Mover.

An example of one of the pattern sheets.

This is for the Log Trailer.

You cut out these pieces and trace them onto the timber as indicated on the pattern.


We will be updating our page regularly with new plans

please return and check our progress.

Phillip has over 100 toy patterns that he has designed over the years. He is currently working toward putting the plans and patterns into a commercial format so you can enjoy making wooden toys.

If there is a particular item that you are interested in please drop Phillip an E-Mail and he will let you know when the plan is posted on the site or will let you know if he doesn't have a plan for that item.


If you don't like ordering and paying online - that's fine, print off our order form below and post or fax to us with either your credit card details or a cheque or money order:


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